Jérôme Aubry

Director of RPI

photo jeromeOur 6 years of experience in organizing technical meetings in Algeria in the field of Mines & Quarries, in collaboration with our local partner, the CCIAF (Franco-Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ), showed us that trade business in Algeria also go through a sharing of technical knowledges and experiences.

It is in this spirit that we wanted to organize the Meetings of geotechnical, drilling and foundations.

During two days, technical workshops and commercial contacts will  succeed in a friendly working environment.

As organizer of Solscope trade fair in France, in the field of geotechnical, drilling and foundations, many exhibitors have asked me to develop these Meetings in Algeria. Moreover,they were willing to run technical workshops.

This allows me to think that these first Meetings will naturally find their place on the Algerian booming market.